Intranet's Services team is on hand to address our customers’ inquiries and issues. We are committed to supporting Philippine customers with faster response times at far more reasonable costs than our regional or U.S. counterparts.

Our services team is trained and certified by our suppliers, so our customers can expect consistent quality of service complemented by more open and personal communication lines.

Our Service Offerings

Implementation. Applications installation, configuration, and integration with your existing IT environment. Prior to the actual installation and deployment of the applications, our technical team will work with your internal project manager, IT, and business representatives to finalize the solution design, confirm hardware specifications, and ensure that the site is ready for implementation. Our goal is to deploy our solutions efficiently with the least disruption to your operations.

Support. These services are provided through our annual maintenance subscription. While subscribed to maintenance, customers enjoy 24 x 7 technical support by phone, email, web chat, or on-site visit.

Training. Our training courses ensure that your end-users and IT representatives gain the knowledge and skills required to operate the solution in your environment. Our training modules combine standard and customized materials to address your unique business requirements. Real-life examples and best practices are shared through discussions and exercises.